RIYL: Ausmuteants, Ty Segall, The Buzzcocks


Jake Robertson is a man of many faces. Suited with the prolificacy of fellow shapeshifter Ty Segall, Robertson has planted his experi-punk ethos into numerous groups, bands, tribes and side projects…like Ausmuteants, Drug Sweat, Leather Towel, The Snoozefests and many many more. Now, he’s taking a solitary path with Alien Nosejob, an album written, recorded and performed all by himself.

The first available track Television Sets doesn’t have time for the “1-2-3-4!” Dee Dee sound off, lunging forward with a lofi gut-rumbling riff from The Academy of The Ramones. Robertson snarls with the lip-curled swagger of a young and snotty Ty Segall, chanting “I don’t need no tv set, I don’t need the news” with enough confidence to stir up the ghosts of London’s Covent Garden in ’77. Can’t wait to hear the rest, and I hope Ol’ Jake sticks with the solo schtick for a while. Sounds like it suits him!

The ‘buy’ link takes you to Australia’s Anti Fade Records. If you’re in the UK, grab the record from Drunken Sailor Records HERE. If you’re stateside, plan on forking over a little extra for that international shipping, you cheap bastards.

The Details

Red vinyl LP manufactured in UK. Split release w/ Drunken Sailor Records - 100 colour vinyl total - 40 Anti Fade copies.
Black vinyl LP manufactured in UK. Split release w/ Drunken Sailor Records - 500 copies worldwide.

Price $17.20

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