This is Yamantaka // Sonic Titan’s self titled album, originally released in 2011, but is being re-released to us in limited edition white vinyl through Suicide Squeeze. This album masterfully blends the sounds of the East and West, creating a blended sound of a vast variety of cultures.

Wikipedia describes YT//ST as a Canadian experimental music and performance art collective. The project is based around exploring and subverting the cultural signifiers of the members shared Asian Canadian heritage. They developed a music and performance style that incorporated aspects of Asian C-pop and J-pop, progressive rock, heavy metal and industrial music, as well as Buddhist philosophy, anime and manga, Chinese opera and Kabuki and Nôh theatre.

In short, this is nothing like anything you’ve ever heard! There are only 500, so get one before they shoot off like “A Star over Pureland”!!!

The Details

“Volcanic prog-rock colored with equal parts post-punk urgency, stoner-metal heft, and psychedelic pop whimsy.” - Pitchfork (8.2/10)

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN are a psychedelic noh-wave opera group fusing noise, metal, pop and folk music into a multidisciplinary hyper-orientalist cesspool of ‘eastern’ culture in giant monochrome paper sets. Blending Noh, Peking Opera, Buddhist Ritual Punk, Taiko Shows, Tokusatsu, Performance Art, Rock Opera and their own mangaesque cardboard ‘NEVERFLAT’ style of 2.5D set design, their bizarre form of music//altheater have awed and shocked audiences in Montreal for several years.

The first pressing of this LP is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl and comes with a free download code. All pre-orders include an 11x17 poster.

**Pre-Order will ship on or around July 5, 2013**

Price $14

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