RIYL: Parenthetical Girls, Psychic TV, Swans, Former Ghosts

Label: Altin Village & Mine / Polyvinyl

Sometimes the audacity of Xiu Xiu’s abrasive nature can be a bit overwhelming, but their musicality and originality bring me back. Like their new single ‘Scisssssssors’. The first listen is hard. It’s brash, wild, disjointed and disparaging. I was taken aback by it’s horror-like sense of panic throughout and paused for a while thinking about what I just listened to. It’s easy to dismiss it as ‘too much’ but after the second listen, I saw its connect, similar to David Lynch movie, which provide moments of linearity just to push you closer to the line of insanity. Girl with Basket of Fruit‘s first single just seems like that; something to make you think and to question the structure of music on and reality. The 2/2 nature of the song with the polyrhythmic drums are outlandishly brilliant while the vocals are stricken and constrained all while the organ’s repetition is blasting you through the song. This album is something to explore, such as all are from Xiu Xiu, so you can snap a copy at either polyvinyl or Altin Village & Mine. Check out the links below, a quote from the band and watch the music video and decide for yourself. Enjoy.

Limited European Tour Edition to 350 with Alternate Cover Art
Altin Village & Mine ($16.50)
Limited ‘Early Bird’ Edition to 500 with bonus 7″ flexi-disc

Polyvinyl Records ($24.00)

The Details

Altin Village & Mine:
In support of Xiu Xiu’s europe tour (Spring 2019) Altin Village & Mine is releasing an exclusive and limited tour edition of »Girl With Basket Of Fruit«. The record comes with alternate artwork as well as colored (clear) vinyl and is only available from Xiu Xiu on tour and here. Limited to 350 copies. The regular edition is available as well in release category.
Release Date: February 8, 2019

DELUXE EARLY BIRD LP + FLEXI + DIGITAL 180-Gram Clear w/ Pink Smoke
Includes a Bonus Yellow 7" Flexi with the song “Yellow Candle.”
Limited to 500. First Pressing. Mailorder Exclusive.

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Thanks to Jim for the tip!

Price $16.5

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