RIYL: Trippy Psychedelic Rock

Label: Greenway Records

Brooklyn’s own Worthless is about to drop a new album and we can dig it! Be ready to embark on a acid trip ride as we delve deep into the psychedelic atmosphere that is intended for “Life’s A Garden”. Hints of the sound have been dropped on their Facebook site, but overall, what we can expect from Worthless is the unexpected. Currently Greenway hasn’t put out any audio from the actual record, but I’m adding the audio from a cassette they released of live material at the Cakeshop. When actual album audio becomes available, I’ll be updating. There are 3 variations that you can choose from and also a limited edition VHS, for those nostalgist.

NOTE: New music video was just added! Check it out.

From Greenway:

“Life’s A Garden” The brand new LP from Brooklyn’s Worthless. This LP is a psychedelic jack knife into the pool of existence. Worthless go for a swim. Way out into the deep end, without any floaty toys, can you dig it?

The LP is accompanied by a visual spectacle via DVD, as much a companion, very much its own entity. This record was made to be fully realized both sonically and visually in a simultaneous immersion of the senses. Drop your needle and press play, these are the only instructions.

The Details

Worthless "Life's A Garden" LP/DVD
Splatter Vinyl Edition /150
Amoeba Burst Vinyl Edition /50
Mind's Eye Vinyl Edition /50
Test Press Bundle - 4LPS - Splatter, Amoeba, Test Pressing, and Super Secret Bonus LP!
Includes Band Made Poster/Insert

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Thanks to Harry for the tip!

Price $25

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