Soulful, jangly, sunny 60’s inspired psych-pop for the win! Imagine The Brian Jonestown Massacre jamming with The Happy Jawbone Family Band on a lazy afternoon, and you’re pretty damn close to what Worthless brings with the track “Freakout” from the upcoming “Greener Grass” 7″.  I highly recommend you tune in if you dig this sorta thing! And if you don’t, this is probably just the right place to light up those receptors in your mind and get aquainted with some real good psych for the summer.  Yeah, a total no-brainer for me.. instant buy!



Following the great debut-album from New Electric Ride and the scorching new Jeffertitti’s Nile, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records has once again proved that they deserve my definite attention.  Keep a keen eye on these guys for future releases!

The Details

**RELEASE DATE: MAY 27, 2014**

It’s difficult to place a measurable value on a band that’s content and confident enough to declare itself “Worthless” on its own. But shouldn’t it always be that way? Absolutely anyone can value or undervalue song, sound and subject – and everyone knows the grass is always greener.

What should be kept in mind in the worthless chase for measuring musical merit is the act of creation itself. And what Worthless have created is “Greener Grass,” their new 7” on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records, their third official release and, it turns out, the first thing they’ve officially recorded as a true, multi-dimensional, physical band.

You see, the super-sunny, sweet alone-tone bedroom-doom vibes that have fertilized “Greener Grass” in particular and the Worthless sound in general owe their origin to a definable source: Curtis Godino’s solitary bedroom blast-offs, running riff after riff through the air in hopes of trapping an elusive ghost of a song.

Godino – also one of the engines that drives the high-wattage, absolutely-not-worthless visual crew known as Drippy Eye Projections – got good enough at trapping those ghosts that they eventually came to life, in the form of song collections – last year’s BBiB-released “Keep Sleeping” cassette, among them – which were recorded alone, or with friends. Most notably Skyler Toski (vocals, guitar, bass) and Nicole Zamfes (Vox Super Continental). And on “Greener Grass”, Annique Johnson (vocals), Francis Perrott (drums), and Joey Lynch (provider of the freaky flute on “Freakout”), join in on the farout merriment.

And while “Greener Grass” shows the now fully-realized band promoting various sonic strategies to achieve “high-growth,” this EP is also planting the seeds for further Worthless fruition, in the form of a full-length LP to be released by BBiB early in 2015, and certain to be worth its weight in green.

**All "Greener Grass" gatefold sleeves (and the center labels) are designed and hand-screened by Worthless' own Curtis Godino. All versions on translucent green vinyl.

***"Greener Grass" is super-limited to 200 copies.

Price $10

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