The great Spacemen 3 have an album titled Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To.  By God, if Worthless aren’t ingesting copious amounts of drugs during their jam sessions, then they’ve fooled my ears.  Bend your aural cavities to their newest 7″ concoction.

Both tracks sound like a heavy indica trip underwater.  Picture the great Poseidon orchestrating his own electric kool-aid acid test as mermaids smoke sheesha out of their daddy’s tritons, jellyfish belly-dance in cosmic unison and turtles slowly sink into the sea bed, watching the clouds dissipate through the shimmery surface.

Statesiders, get one of these puppies for a cool $5 after the ‘buy’ link, and all ye UK psych-heads, get your 7″s HERE.  Each package is hand-numbered, rubber-stamped and accompanied with a postcard.

The Details

This 7" is limited to 300 copies only homed inside a hand-numbered double-sided fold over sleeve, the inner side featuring a cool collage from Curtis of the group.

Each record comes with a cool postcard and all the inner sleeves will be rubber stamped.

Thanks to S-Andre R-nst for the tip!

Price $5

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