RIYL: Walls of noise

Label: Fuzz Club Records

Few series tickle me more than the Split Single Series provided by Fuzz Club Records, and I’m very excited to be able to share their 8th instalment in the series with you fine bunch!

For this one they’ve assembled New York’s legendary psychedelic experimental noise-weavers White Hills and Dutch psychstrumental krautronauts Radar Men From The Moon to further escalate the reputation of this series beyond our known universe.


White Hills takes you on quite the journey with “As You Pass By”, a 10 minute space rock-trip to infinity and beyond! The track sneaks into your mind with a groovy bassline and exquisite drumming accompanied by some serious far-out electronic spaced effects. While cautiously building up in intensity, layers of guitars are added and a dark spoken word-track sets the vibe. A ripping guitar crashes in and takes the wheel, and at about halfway through you’re gasping for breath while the climactic phase is a fact. The descent is just as perfectly balanced as the build-up, and when your feet touch the ground in the end, you’ll be wondering what-the-h*ll-just-happened.. Powerful stuff!


Radar Men From The Moon brings you”Decadence”, 9.20 minutes of exploration into instrumental avant-garde soundscapes.  “Decadence” hammers in with a harsh, industrial beat before introducing an array of treated guitars and synths to accompany you on your journey. The first half of the track is built around this industrial, moody theme, which drags you into a sonic 80’s inspired, dark and dirty reality reflecting the title. Then at halfway something dramatically happens; the track suddenly introduces a ray of light in the darkness! A second theme is built around this, and for a few minutes there you’re almost feeling light-headed and giddy. Not for long, though. Suddenly the dark vibe of the first theme comes crashing in, and for the last two minutes it feels like a battle between the light and dark is being fought, escalating the into a no-boundry mindmelt. Damn!

Please note that none of the tracks are yet available for streaming, so I’ve attached a couple of previous releases for you to check out.  Hey anyway, it’s a Fuzz Club Split Single, just buy it!  The price is by EU-standards high, but it’s as always with this series a product of supreme quality! Thickest wax, sickest sleeves, worth every penny. Oh, and get it while the shipping’s free!!!

*The Fuzz Club exclusive edition is pressed in 300 copies on Yellow Vinyl, and comes in a silk screened cover with embossed logo and numbered inserts. Available through the “Buy Now”-button underneath.

*The Standard Edition is pressed in 700 copies on White Vinyl, and is avaiable HERE

Fuzz Club have in addition to this also repressed RMFTM’s long out of print debut-album “Echo Forever”, in both Deluxe Edition (Ltd. 300 on Transparent Green 180g Vinyl, available HERE) and Standard (700 on White Vinyl, available HERE) 

The Details

Number 8 in the Fuzz Club Split Single series features New York experimentalists White Hills and noisy instrumentalists, Fuzz Club's own RMFTM (Radar Men From The Moon) from the Netherlands. They join Split Single alumnae The Black Angels, A Place To Bury Strangers, Alan Vega and more, with two explorative avant-garde soundscapes that provide a perfect foil for one another.

The Fuzz Club exclusive version is limited to 300 copies of solid yellow 10" vinyl in monochromatic, abstract cover art that's typical to this series. Also available is a standard version in solid while vinyl (700 copies).

These will be sent out early March

Price $21

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