RIYL: The Black Angels, Eternal Tapestry, The Myrrors

Label: Necio Records

Meandering along the canyons and valleys of southeastern Brazil comes a sublime reverberation, an enchanting tribal rhythm as intoxicating as it is menacing. Deep in the heart of São Thomé das Letras, a duo of seismal proportions has emerged from the storm. Swirling layers of drone and guitar trickery blanket a hypnotic mix of psychedelic flavor, from ritualistic drum chants to vocals submerged in noise and feedback. It’s the sound of the lone hitchhiker on Route 50 with a strange suitcase, it’s the music you hear underneath the floor of the weird hotel downtown. What’s happening down there? It has to be a human sacrifice.

Whether you enjoy your riffs cranked at dangerous volume or prefer the darker side of psychedelic music, White Canyon & The Fifth Dimension’s debut LP belongs in your collection. There are currently 9 copies left on red wax, but a few more copies will be made available on their release date next week. 20 copies tops. Listen to the album below and check out a music video, but don’t wait too long. And while you’re there, listen to the rest of Necio Records’ current catalog. It’s a treasure trove for the heads.

The Details

Limited Edition Red marble Vinyl 12'' (180grm)
NOTE: Shipping from Poland to all Europe and the rest of the world!

* Only 250 copies
* 100 copies available in Bandcamp

Release date: 08/25/2020

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Price $23

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