Listening to bands from Fuzz Club Records’ catalogue compels the same kind of adrenaline rush as finding a crate of forgotten late-60s psych enigma bands…just sitting there, ready and willing to blow your hypothalamus to smithereens.

The Wands lay their heads in Copenhagen, voted the world’s most livable city by countless travelers and adventurers, and attempt to channel their heavenly surroundings into their instruments.  A mere duo, Mads Gräs and Christian Skibdal turn their instruments into spiritual advisors.  Organs drone into nirvana and layers of sweeping guitars take you on a methadoned and opiate-stoned tour of the streets of ’67 San Fransisco.

Stack it in between your copy of Her Satanic Majesties Request and The Black Angels album of your choosing.  I weep for the bruising this vinyl is going to take from my turntable.  It’ll provide the perfect soundtrack to our family’s daily necromantic rituals, specifically in the evening when we conjure up Brian Jones for his dynamite dinner recipes.  His pot pies are life-changing.


The Fuzz Club deluxe editions are beauties, no doubt, but they’re like condor egg omelets…delectable, endangered and expensive.  Be prepared to dent your wallet a notch, but it’ll only hurt for a second…I promise.

The Details

The Wands DELUXE EDITION comes in an edition of 100 copies, gatefold cover with silkscreened artwork, embossed stamped and poly lined inner sleeve. The first 50 orders also includes the 7" The Dawn / Totem.

Please note that the cover art is not ready yet. The great Olya Dyer is putting her final touches on it and it should be here any day now.

The debut album The Dawn is a record that celebrates flamboyant, hallucinogenic acid rock, propelled by ideas and a, some might say, old-school ethos in terms of their approach to recording. Much preferring the straight to tape method (bolstered by a raft of analogue kit, honest production, and an understanding that this is the only way to get the mix they need) the duo, comprised of childhood friends Christian Skibdal and Mads Gräs, resuscitate 60’s style Psych-rock and inject a characteristically playful Wands slant.

Release date: November 3rd.
NOTE: The factory managed to press the deluxe vinyl with the wrong center labels. It will be repressed and should be here between the 9th- 13th.

Price $40

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