RIYL: Syd Barrett, The Soft Machine, Love

Label: Frischluft! Tonträger

Good afternoon to all of you radicals, flower children, peaceniks, bohemians, dropouts, voters and promoters…I’d like you to meet Waldmeisterträume, your newest obsession.  The main two tracks on this handy dandy 7″ are an absolute goldmine for you active psychedelic listeners who don’t need typical song structures to carry your trip.  Whatever notion of songwriting you’ve come to know from the genre, toss those out the window.

If a crazed Syd Barrett happened to wander into Phil Spector’s studio sometime in the early 70s in the throes of an acid flashback (and with a sudden knowledge of the German language), you might end up with something similar to Waldmeisterträume.  The recordings are cavernous epics, incorporating everything from electric violas to rare Indian instruments to the sounds of clocks chiming.  If you wanted to end your weeks on a gloriously weird note…you’re welcome.  Be bold, wanderers.

Only 100 of these 7″s were produced, so either stay for the kool-aid acid test or hit the decks ’cause this party ain’t gonna wait on ya.

The Details

Gottseidank, die Tür ist zu.

Includes unlimited streaming of Grimmer Blick in herzlose Tiefen via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
Shipping out on or around November 21, 2016
Edition of 100

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Price $9.5

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