Every once in a while a release pops up that rapidly increases the rate of my heartbeat, and makes me spend enough time trying to achieve it to bring me that delicious monitor-tan..   Well, this one certainly got my blood rushing, and if I hadn’t stumbled upon this right away, this would probably provide the tan as well..

With exclusive tracks from Morgan Delt, White Fence, Psychic Ills, Damaged Bug (Thee Oh Sees’ John Dwyer), Hills and Prayer Meeting there should be enough quality in here to stirr up quite the sweet little fuzz amongst the Psych/Garage-freaks out there..   (the first innstalment in this series did exactly that btw, and is now selling for well above 100 bugs..).

Sonic Cathedral has really gone out of their way to present a wicked piece of awesome, just notice the brilliant packaging/art by London-based designers Heretic!

This double 7″ was originally presented and sold at last weekends Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, so these are the leftovers for us that were not lucky enough to experience the festival.   I’d throw myself onto these pretty quick if I were you (to avoid near-future monitor-tan)!

Now you might wanna argue with the pricetag on this if you’re in the States, but to us mortal European citizens this isn’t bad at all, especially when you take notice of the grand packaging! Rest assured that quite the amount of love and hard work was put into this piece of art!

Enough talk, buy now or forever regret!


The Details

After 18 months of hard work, ‘Psych For Sore Eyes 2′ is finally here.

The second in our occasional series of compilation EPs comes once again in a mind-melting package designed and printed by the brilliant people at Heretic. It was revealed to the world at Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia last Friday and promptly sold out from Piccadilly Records’ World Of Psychedelic Wax Wonders, despite the delivery being delayed in heavy traffic on the M6.

The remaining double 7″ copies are now available from the Sonic Cathedral Shop. A digital release follows on November 3.

'Psych For Sore Eyes 2' features six exclusive tracks of contemporary psychedelia from the likes of Morgan Delt, White Fence, Damaged Bug (John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees' solo project), Psychic Ills, Hills (Swedish associates of Goat, check out their contribution below) and newcomers Prayer Meeting (whose Jamie Putnam has co-curated the EP). It comes with a code to download in the digital format of your choice, plus a pin badge, of which there are 11 different designs.

The full tracklisting is:

A. Morgan Delt – ‘Elastic-Id’
B1. White Fence – ‘Before He Met Her (Decomposing Lime)’
B2. Damaged Bug – ‘Pet Programs And Games’

C. Psychic Ills – ‘Come Around’
D1. Hills – ‘Montelius Väg’
D2. Prayer Meeting – ‘Black Echo (White Mountain)’

The first volume of ‘Psych For Sore Eyes’, released in February 2013, has been described as a landmark release in the burgeoning new psych movement and featured exclusive contributions from Hookworms, White Manna, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, The Vacant Lots, Ttotals and The Band In Heaven (wrapped in an amazing 3D sleeve, also designed by Heretic). It now goes for silly money on Discogs.

Price $28

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