RIYL: Rare Italian library music

Label: Sonor Music Editions

In conjunction with Alessandro Alessandroni’s Farfalla LP, Sonor Music Editions is also reissuing the impossibly rare 1976 collection Freedom Power, a compilation of various Italian composers like Ducros, Mirot and Brugnolini, 11 cinematic, funky, easy listening psych cuts that just don’t sound right without that sweet vinyl crackle underneath them. A must-have for any vinyl collector of rare library music, grabbing an original copy of Freedom Power is gonna cost you. Substantially. Not to worry, though, my little droogy woogs…a brand new reissue limited to only 500 copies is upon us.

Rappcats has just 50 of those copies here in the states after the ‘buy’ link, but once those sell out (and they will), head over to Sonor Music Editions HERE in the UK to grab the leftovers. Listen to the whole album below and grab yourself a slab of this rare AF collection after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

√ Reissue edition of 500 copies
√ Remastered sound from the original tapes
√ 180 grams wax

Shipping out on or around May 15, 2020

Price $30

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