Sultry souledelic savants Unknown Mortal Orchestra have been busy crafting their third album on Jagjaguwar, and it’s hitting the shelves in May.  For the uninformed, Unknown Mortal Orchestra materialized in 2011, brewing up a unique batch of crispy lofi psych grooves, but then surprised their fans with 2013’s II, a much more soul-influenced full-length.  It was clear that they had a bit more dough for some studio sheen, but they maintained their signature warpy cassette tape flavor.

Their newest title track Multi-Love is a good sign that UMO is changing up their style yet again.  The baroque synth intro transports us back to the glorious 60s psych pop from Love, The Shondells and Donovan.  In typical UMO style, though, they take a sharp turn with a heavy breakbeat and speed up the rhythm, keeping us on our toes.

I’m predicting this one will be in my top 10 of the year already.  These guys can’t write a bad song, and they’re constantly evolving.  The bundle will get you an additional 12” with 40 minutes of sonic exploration.  Sweet Moses, GIMME.  Pick this up quick before it’s g-o-n….e.

The Details

Multi-Love on limited edition pink vinyl LP (while supplies last) and CD

Limited edition 'SB-01/SB-02' 12", featuring
40 minutes of sonic exploration, formally released here for the first time

Embroidered 3.5" patch featuring the
UMO / Multi-Love logo in pink and yellow

11x17" poster

Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s) redeemable on May 12th, two weeks before release dateu

Price $28.99

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