Leaving you a Friday with a release from Ttotals, I’m going to start the week off with something else from Ttotals. This is slightly older than¬†Spectrums of Light¬†which I posted about Friday, but the good thing is there are still copies lying around apparently! Ttotals bring chilled out more psychedelic, slow-burning blues tinted rock. “Special A,” the opening track off of¬†Silver on Black, ¬†flirts with post-rock a little bit concerning song structure and provides a nice, relaxing tone to lower the listener’s guard. “Flowers Fellow” picks up the pace and really brings gusto with its harsh guitar and monotone droned out vocals seemingly molding in to one entity. The last track “Over the Years” adroitly gets the message across that this track will be the climax of the EP with its percussion diving in to a fuzz and its √ľber-intense guitar work, with the duo squeezing out every last drop of energy they can get from their instruments. Give the EP a listen below via the Bandcamp stream and tell me what you think! Cheers!

The Details

Special Thanks to: Tate and Amy Eskew, Chris Davis, Tim Norton, Scott Sanders, Kip Ulhorn, Diamond Center, Miss Fuzzy Logic, Revolt of the Apes, Hollow Ox and all our friends.

We Are the Outer Blues

Brian Miles - Vocals and Guitar
Marty Linville - Drums and Samples

Price $10

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