Such an awesome psych record. Track 2 Prediction made my top 100 of the year. Definitely give this release a spin if you’re a fan of good psych rock you’ll find some gems on it.

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Triptides - Predictions
250 Only, choose your colour... Sea Foam Green or Sky Blue!
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Side A

1. Set You Free
2. Prediction
3. Can You See Me
4. Another Shore
5. Couch Surfer
6. Lucidly Dreaming

Side B

1. Night Owl
2. Mystery
3. Sundown
4. Tapestry
5. Visions
6. My Love

"Follow up 'Predictions', is much more confident. Seeming to completely grasp how to use the studio as an instrument, Triptides slice together garage-punk, elements of psych and 60s West Coast pop. Yet this isn't some retro experiment. 'Predictions' is imbued with a real sense of character, with Triptides able to impact their own identity onto their influences" - Clash Magazine

"Listening to the 13 tracks on this pleasurable album is like taking a visit through three separate yet connected eras of pop/rock music. In Triptides’ sound I hear very early Love and The Leaves from the 60s, 80s Paisley Underground bands such as The Rain Parade and Plasticland, and current acts along the lines of both Tame Impala and The Allah-Las. There’s jangle in what they do, there’s both soft pop and garage, there’s echo-laden psychedelia. And, even though the band’s from Bloomington, Indiana, the whole thing feels like a blissfully hazy day spent around the Pacific Ocean" - Psychedelic Baby

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