Sunny summer surf psych sounds! Triptides always deliver the perfect soundtrack for the summer with their lush, surf-inspired jangly brand of psych-pop. Their 4th full-length “Azur” is now open for pre-orders via french label Requiem Pour Un Twister, and will physically wash over your soul from July 10th.

The first available track “Hideout” is a great example of their quality sound, a perfectly produced psyched up pop-pearl that lifts your spirits and brings that smile upon your face. It inhabits those small melodic variations in the arrangements that enriches the tune through repeated listening, something you’ll often find throughout their amazing catalogue. Triptides is one of my definite favourite bands, and I’m very happy to be able to share this one with you fine bunch! Dig your ghettoblaster into the sand, wax your board and ride the summer out with this guaranteed gem!

PS! If you click around on the site, you might still find a couple of their previously released (very limited) 7″ to add to your order. Very low quantities of these left!

Dig into their catalogue through their bandcamp HERE for maximum amounts of sunshine while awaiting this new one!

Triptides’ Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe are also core-members in Frankie And The Witch Fingers, which I seriously recommend you lend an ear. Their S/T debut-album on Permanent Records from earlier this year is a total blast.

The Details

LP Version including a download code
first pressing on classic black vinyl limited to 500 copies
Pre-order now
Release date : July 10th
also available in digital and CD versions

Tracklisting :
01. Wake
02. Dark Side
03. Hideout
04. Not Mine
05. Saturday
06. Where You Are
07. Too Far Gone
08. Don't Ask Me Why
09. Translucent
10. Over

Azur is the fourth album of hidden-treasure Triptides, a marvelous pop band from Bloomington (Indiana) and now relocated in LA (California). Their shiny and hazy songs are perfect anthems for a nascent summer. This ten-songs collection is exploring the spectrum of sensations you can feel on a hot day. From lazyness to happiness it's a trip without moving in California. Sit down and relax, take a fresh soda and enjoy the sun.

For fans of : Beach Fossils, Real Estate, The Beach Boys, Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Temples, C86, Nuggets Compilations, Cleaners From Venus

File under : Indie Pop, Psych Pop.

Price $11

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