RIYL: The Babe Rainbow, ORB, Capisce, Paper Mâché Dream Balloon

Label: Flightless Records

Straight outta 1967 with that album title, Traffik Island has quickly returned from their 2019 debut Nature Strip on Flightless Records and turned around a brand new sophomore effort titled Sweat Kollekta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam. Zak Olsen fronts the fuzzier, metal-ier ORB, but even the heavier heads need a change of pace from time to time. That’s where Traffik Island comes in, Olsen’s take on pastoral-infused psych folk. Consider it the “Paper MâchĂ© Dream Balloon” to King Gizzy’s “Infest the Rat’s Nest”. Capisce?

No time for formalities here. The “jam” variant is already running low and the “peanut butter” colorway ain’t too far behind. If you dig that Syd Barrett fringe stuff, love picking blueberries at your Aunt Beverly’s farm out in the country and enjoy pickling vegetables that you grew in your own garden, Traffik Island will speak volumes into your soul. Grab the colorway of your choosing after the ‘buy’ link and listen to the lovely instrumental Charlie Is My Darling below.

The Details

This is the PRE-ORDER for the "TRAFFIK JAM" edition limited to 500 copies and the "PEANUT BUTTER" edition limited to 500 copies world-wide.

Record sleeve comes packaged in a stamped custom paper bag

This record features:
- Deluxe transparent jammy red wax
- Double-sided 12" insert
- mp3 Download card
- "Extra Crunchy" Sticker

Limited to two copies per person.

This PRE-ORDER will be shipped from the 21st February, 2020.

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Price $26.85

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