RIYL: Late-Night Cinemax, Silly Puddy, Mad Cow Disease

Label: Rad Cult / Ghostly International

A series of deliciously bizarro promos oozed out of TOBACCO’s social media pages the past few days, hinting that a new batch of warped, twisted electronic tinkerings were on the way soon.  That day has come.  Sweatbox Dynasty is a 12-track long player, the 4th album since Tom Fec started the project in 2008.  Expect what you’ve come to love with anything Black Moth Super Rainbow-related…off-the-wall weirdness, brave synth-driven explorations and the general hooliganry you’d encounter while coming down off a 2-week bender.

Ghostly International and Rad Cult both have the record for $25.  You can grab a copy from Ghostly HERE or snag the Rad Cult version after the ‘buy’ link.  The Rad Cult version comes with a sticker.

The Details

Colored vinyl edition has beige-in-clear-blue colored standard weight vinyl housed in a 400gsm matte laminate jacket with a black dust sleeve

01 “Human Om”
02 “Hong”
03 “Wipeth Out”
04 “Gods In Heat”
05 “Home Invasionaries”
06 “Dimensional Hum”
07 “Warlock Mary”
08 “The Madonna”
09 “Suck Viper”
10 “Fantasy Trash Wave”
11 “Memory Girl”
12 “Let’s Get Worn Away”

Price $25

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