Tjutjuna knows how to take your brain out of your skull, fry it up and feed it to you and they also know how to properly massage it, like a cow in┬áthe land of Kobe. One minute, you can be onboard on an out-0f-control train that’s bound to go off the rails any second and the next, Tjutjuna can float you off of the train like a feather and take you on a hike through that cavern on the cover. I’ve mentioned┬átheir redolence┬áto early Do Make Say Think in a piece I wrote about them previously on here, and it still holds true here. Tjutjuna, however, isn’t afraid to break out the big guns and go in to a full blown psychedelic trance. That cave filled with stalagtites and stalagmites looks like a pretty cool place and it’s a got a lake, too. Drop whatever you’re doing, jump on in and crank Westerner up. Check out┬áWesterner below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

It's been a wild couple years since we last heard from Tjutjuna. A lineup shift or two, the addition of a new touring drummer and the subtraction of a long time founding member. All that and on this, the bands Sophomore follow up to 2010's S/T LP, Tjutjuna reminds us why we fell into their primordial trance in the first place. Seven new-ish mind melters just in time for the Spring thaw. Dig.

Limited to 200 copies w/ digital download card.

Price $17.5

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