RIYL: 10000 Russos, Sonic Jesus, The Oscillation

Label: Fuzz Club

If you copped Throw Down Bones’ debut album from Fuzz Club Records in 2015, chances are good that you¬†were¬†feening for a follow-up release¬†the day you got that one in the mail.¬† Their brand of psychedelia¬†was singularly hypnotic, a hypercool combination of coldwave, krautrock and electronic experimentation.¬† A perfect fit no doubt for Fuzz Club’s roster, Throw Down Bones immediately had a hardcore following.

That brings us to Two, their much-anticipated sophomore release.¬† Instead of coasting down the same trajectory, they’ve¬†doubled down on their electronic influences, particularly the¬†industrial side.¬† All levels are turned to 11 on newest track Golovkin, a banger so dense and driving that it could easily pass for an Underworld b-side from the mid-90s or a deleted cut off the Hackers soundtrack.¬† Seriously, put on your headphones and knock your brain around for a few minutes.¬† It may be inspired by a different drug than The Grateful Dead were dabbling with, but it sure as hell still fits into the psychedelic world.

Only 100 copies of the new record are on white vinyl, a Fuzz Club exclusive colorway.¬† I’d grab one quick as the majority of Fuzz Club deluxe pressings sell out super quick.

The Details

If their earlier instrumental-oriented works leant into dance territory, then this is the band embracing that with open arms and wide eyes ready to soundtrack the mother of all parties, one punctuated by pure hedonism and a sense that this could very well be the last dance on this wretched rock.

Fuzz Club Exclusive: 180g white vinyl /100
Standard Vinyl: 180g black vinyl /500

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Price $25.5

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