Throw Down Bones has their debut-album out today!  Blending  Kraut-rock with psychedelic trips this album provide great slow-building locked grooves that drone into holy mountains of psychedelic greatness.  Each track introduce one element at the time with great moderation, leaving enough time to really dig into their sound while building anticipation for what comes next. The outcome is a panoramic experience of vast proportions, that slowly elevates your mind into a perfect bliss. The perfect soundtrack to my Norwegian winter!  I have absolutely no clue to your whereabouts, but drop the needle and come join me in spirit.

As usual Fuzz Club Records provide the absolute premium package with their Deluxe Edition, limited to 100 copies on White & Black 180g Vinyl housed in a numbered, embossed stamped and silkscreened heavy gatefold jacket. If you want this one in your stocking, I wouldn’t wait for Santa..

If your christmas-budget is already blown, you can find the standard edition limited to 500 copies on Black Vinyl for 24$ RIGHT HERE


The Details

Throw Down Bones - Deluxe S / T Album limited to 100 copies. 180g white & black vinyl and gatefold cover with silkscreened artwork, numbered and embossed stamped.

Official release date December 1st.

Price $37

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