Due to the delay in releasing their long awaited Split Single Series, Fuzzclub decided to double the treat and release both number 1 and 2 at the same time!

The second installment is an all-English cup of tea, and of course they know their psychedelic sugar in the British Isles! Side 1 features The Underground Youth “In Sofia’s Reflection” from their terrific second album “The Perfect Enemy For God”, while side 2 is dedicated to The Third Sound and the great “Sister”, also featured on their own brilliant sophomore LP “The Third Sound of Destruction & Creation”.

A bit pricey for the people over in the US, but Fuzzclub always delivers premium quality packages. The wax is always thick and juicy, and this series also comes with silkscreened covers and numbered inlays.

Limited to scarce 150 copies, this is bound to be a highly sought after collector’s item in no-time!

The Details

Split Single No. 2

The Underground Youth - In Sofia's Reflection
The Third Sound - Sister

Edition of 150. Transparent Blue 10". Silkscreened cover art. Numbered inlay.

Price $25

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