The sound of Manchester is alive and well and it exists in The Underground Youth, a post-punk creative shroud from Craig Dyer.  Fuzz Club Records’ darkest darlings are now embarking on their fourth full-length, and newest single Collapsing Into Night has every ingredient you brooding gothgazers have been pining for.  Dyer croons with evil villain flair over thick layers of beautifully sinister synths and weeping guitar leads.

Summer beach parties and backyard barbecues be damned…this one’s for the pale nightcrawlers slithering out of their lairs after the sun has gone down.  Your time has come.

Fuzz Club always presses a special deluxe edition for their releases, and they go all out on the aesthetics.  The price tag is high for statesiders, but Haunted would agree that sometimes…sometimes…your wallets have to bleed.

The Details

The Underground Youths upcoming album 'Haunted' is out September 4th. The deluxe vinyl is limited to 100 copies with silkscreened gatefold cover, numbered, embossed stamped and comes on coke bottle clear vinyl with black haze.

The Underground Youth blend the sounds of shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelic rock with their own hauntingly beautiful twist. The creative project of Craig Dyer was started in 2008 and is currently based in Manchester

Price $39

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