RIYL: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Label: Fuzz Club Records

The Third Sound is back!  The Berlin-based psychedelic group fronted by Icelandic Hakon Aðalsteinsson (ex-Singapore Sling) is releasing their third album “Gospels of Degeneration”  on the 1st of April, and pre-orders are up through Fuzz Club Records.

After their 2010 S/T debut on Anton Newcombe’s (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) A Records and their sophomore album “The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation” via Fuzz Club in 2013, the band has become close to a household-name in the modern psychedelic community. Both their previous albums showcase their ability to deliver great tunes built on solid craftmanship in the form of contemporary psychedelic rock. Where a lot of bands rely on a truckload of effects to get you started, these guys has always let their compositions do most of the talking. Not that they don’t fiddle with effects, but I bet their tunes would pack an equally loaded punch stripped down to a few guitars and a campfire. They simply know how to write great tunes, the kind that you’ll catch yourself humming while eating your lunch or airing a guitar-lick to in the back of the bus.

For their third album “Gospels of Degeneration” they follow in the strong vein of their previous efforts, and also intertwine a dark yet delicate country-tinged vibe in some of the tracks. This is very obvious in the first available track, the laidback and hazy “You Are Not Here” (featuring Tess Parks). Try spinning it a few of rounds, I promise you it’s impossible to shake!


The Deluxe Edition might cost a little extra, but I remind you that Fuzz Club always go all-in on these.. The quality of these are on top of the line in every way, and they really stand out in any collection! If you find it a tad too pricey, there’s also a Standard Edition available at 25$ that share a few of the qualities of the former. They’ll both be gone in a short amount of time, so choose wisely..

DELUXE EDITION- limited to 250 hand numbered copies on 180g Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl w/ Black Haze, housed in a heavy gatefold silver laminate cover with printed inner sleeves and embossed logo (available through the BUY NOW-button underneath)

STANDARD EDITION-  limited to 600 copies on 180g Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl, housed in a heavy silver laminate cover (AVAILABLE HERE)



The Details

The Third Sound's new album Gospels of Degeneration shows a shift in style for the group, having toned down the shimmery psychedelia in favour of something a little cleaner. That’s not to say this is a barren sounding album at all, it’s still hypnotically layered with country-kissed reverb, and retains those itching guitar riffs that will keep whispering through your mind for hours after listening.

The deluxe edition is limited to 250 copies of heavy 180g coke bottle clear vinyl with black haze. It comes with printed inner sleeves and a heavy gatefold silver laminate cover, with embossed logo and hand numbering. Delivery for these will be late March. Also available in standard edition (600 copies) and CD.

Price $36

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