When news echoed through the canyons of the blogosphere in 2013 that My Bloody Valentine was finally going to release their follow-up to the mythical and inimitable Loveless, we could all feel something strange and wonderful stirring in the breeze. ¬†There was a faint hope that other groups from that incredible era would follow suit…and they f-ing did. ¬†Slowdive reunited after 20 years, Ride just recently played their first shows since their break-up in 1996, and Swervedriver released their first album since 1998. ¬†We’ve had plenty of new bands adopting the shoegaze aesthetics, but it’s real damn cool to be able to see the originators come back into the limelight.

Despite a 10 year hiatus after their drugged out eponymous album in 1992, The Telescopes have been steadily making new material since 2002.  Their lineup has changed a few times, but their swirling mind-bending space jams have remained intact, and the psych-enthusiast Fuzz Club Records is throwing them into their 6th Split Series release.

What makes some of these Split Series releases so special is the pairing of legends with proteges. ¬†Alan Vega and Anton Newcombe, two essential artists from decades past, were paired with The Vacant Lots in Split #5, who sound like the perfect hybrid between Suicide and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. ¬†Now, A Place to Bury Strangers gets to pay their respects to The Telescopes, who are undoubtedly a huge influence. ¬†Even more, The Telescopes are covering The Stooges’ I Wanna Be Your Dog, who were unquestionably a huge influence on them. ¬†Music may be cyclical, but these 10″s are great indicators¬†that it’s¬†still alive and thriving.

Prices are still high for the Fuzz Club releases, but the quality and thought behind these records are superb.  No music from the release is available to stream yet, so check out a few favorite tracks below.

The Details

No. 6 in the Fuzz Club 10" split series singles. Limited to 1000 copies. 200 on transparent orange / 800 on white vinyl.

A Place to Bury Strangers - Down the Stairs
The Telescopes - I Wanna Be Your Dog

Price $23.16

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