Incense, peppermints, limited colored vinyl.

The Cardinal Fuzz Label is to psych lovers what Chocolate Bars and Dr. Pepper are to meth addicts.  Whether that makes sense or not is not the point.  The Shine Brothers are a psych band.  They’re a super group of sorts.  Nate Ryan of the Black Angels, Colin Ryan of Woven Bones, Oakley Munson of The Rondelles and Ryan Rapsys all found some dusty organs and Werther’s Originals and decided to make some ear candy for you.


Psych ain’t everyone’s thing, and neither is international shipping, but for you few and faithful addicts, delicious cherry red vinyl awaits.


The Details

LP comes with a download code that also features 3 bonus tracks.

500 Press. 200 on Red Vinyl of which 150 are for sale through the Cardinal Fuzz Big Cartel Store Page

Price $17

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