The Oscillation, the solo project of Demian Castellanos, is capable of creating mind-melting psychedelic sprawls and good old raucous rock. The production on From Tomorrow, also by Demian Castellanos, is nothing short of fantastic seeing that it achieves that thermal, yet hollow and foreboding, sound older psych rock exudes and the thick and leaden oomph that rock is supposed to have. From Tomorrow is only The Oscillation’s third album, and the two before that had a gap of four years between them. The Oscillation’s third release comes out on Hands In The Dark, which has all but three releases sold out including this one. “Corridor, Pt. 1” sets up the mood for the album outstandingly while “Corridor, Pt. 2” is a desert rock jam with its seedy bass line and spaced out wailing guitar. “Descent,” the third track, seems to illustrate its title. I’m just kind of imagining this entire album taking place out in a dark desert so maybe my own narrative is distracting me from what this aims to achieve thematically? Listen to From Tomorrow via the Spotify stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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250 copies on clear vinyl
The Oscillation’s third album From Tomorrow is described by the London three-piece as an attempt to find a new kind of mental and spiritual zone through an exploration carried out by Demian Castellanos, who is both the band’s producer and its composer, accompanied by drummer Valentina Magaletti and bassist Tom Relleen.
Two years after the mind-blowing Veils, the group delivers a sophisticated, rich, mature follow-up; our vehicle of choice for setting all the ambiguous emotions of hope, despair, aggression and indolence to an idiosyncratic musical language, harmonising krautrock, pop, psych-rock and Kosmische music.
These are the preconditions for the sonic world that the album presents. This is music that has been chewed by the teeth of insanity and spat out into a strange landscape on one side, whilst the other is basking in the warmth of a mysterious inner sun. This strange dichotomy is mirrored in the cover artwork created by filmmaker Julian Hand, who also performs live visual artworks with the band.

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