UPDATE! Audio for the Cult of Dom Keller-track added.

Best psych-single series ever! For their 7th installment in their deadly Split Single Series, Fuzz Club Records has united the psych-powers of The Myrrors and Cult of Dom Keller to take your mind to infinity and beyond. Neither of the tracks are available for streaming yet, but I’m not giving this an inch of concern. Both bands deliver some premier heavy psych-sounds. Always.  And hey, it’s a Fuzz Club Records Split Single, baby!

Check out a couple of previously released tunes by The Myrrors and Cult of Dom Keller underneath if you need a little extra convincing.

In terms of the format, the sheer awesomeness of these slabs might weigh enough to permanently break your shelf. Always perfect silk-screened covers, numbered inserts and the thickest wax featuring the sonic-shamans of our generation. Might sound expensive for the US, but you certainly get what you pay for!

The 100 Black and White Mixed Vinyl are destined to move at the speed of light. Move faster.


The Details

Number 7 in the Fuzz Club split single series includes The Myrrors and Cult Of Dom Keller. Limited to 500 copies. 100 on black and white mixed vinyl and 400 on white vinyl. Numbered insert. Release date July 25th.

Thanks to Lars Sonic Seime for the tip!

Price $23

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