It’s damn near impossible to describe The Legendary Pink Dots other than shrugging your head in awe.  A genre-defying experimental psych group from London since the early 1980s, The Dots have almost 40 full-length albums to their name and a slew of incredible live albums and compilations of unreleased gems to boot.  Nearly 35 years later, they’re still as vital and boundary-pushing as they were in their genesis, and they’re readying yet another triumphant studio endeavor for your listening pleasure.

Every new album is a left turn and a drastically different experience, but expect dark, brooding and cavernous atmospheres along with head-spinning psychedelic experimentation.  This stuff is for the adventurous listener.

The Spanish label Abstrakce has produced 300 gorgeous records for your consumption, but they’re almost gone.  At the time of this post, there are only 7 remaining copies of the vinyl.

The Details

The secret album from The Pink Dots created in the Spring of 2015, and the sister release to "Five Days". It's due out on vinyl by the Spanish Abstrakce label in February 2016.

A wonderfully packaged vinyl release on the Abstrakce label from Spain. Street date is February 1, 2016 but pre-order available now.

Edition of 300

Price $20

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