RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Catherine Wheel, Jesus on Heroine

Label: Space Ranch Records (EU) / Little Cloud Records (US)

“You are a miracle.” The Kundalini Genie end their newest full-length 11:11 with the track You Had It All, containing a recording of legendary philosopher Alan Watts’ famous piece explaining the phenomenon of your life and the divine happening that is your death. Jack Getty, Robbie Wilson and the make-up of the Kundalini Genie agree whole-heartedly that our lives are extraordinary, and if you’ve ever listened to any of their music since they formed in 2017, you’d believe them. Taking inspiration from the acid-marinated sixties, the melodic haze of the UK underground in the early 90s and all the good stuff in between, The Genie is medicine for your otitis externa, the Visine for your third eye.

If you reside in the UK, grab a copy from the band HERE. If you’re in the US, get a slab of the opaque white vinyl after the ‘buy’ link from Little Cloud Records. Listen to the 8-minute epic You Had It All below.

The Details

Number of Tracks: 7
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Quantity: 500 (100 for US, 400 for UK)
Vinyl Color: Opaque White
Jacket: Reverse Board

Price $22

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