GOASTT_hiresFirst caught The GOASTT (primarily Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl) at a festival a few years back. Although it was a fun show, I didn’t pick up their Acoustic Sessions LP at the time but kept them on my radar. When they released Midnight Sun  (see the previous post in Sly Vinyl regarding the color variations) I bought it and was floored. Sure, Sean sounds like his dad just like my sons sound like me, but these songs are catchy and original psychedelic pop! Even more impressive was seeing them perform virtually the whole record in a club last summer. During their European tour they issued a very limited self-titled 5-track EP. Fortunately, they brought a few back with them but Chimera Music quickly sold out of their lot (worth digging for). Now we have GOASTT Stories, four songs that continue in the rich tapestry that Lennon, Muhl and company have given us on previous releases. Catch GOASTT this summer back on the road and grab this EP before they are all snatched up.

GOASTT Stories 10″ EP on black vinyl limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

The Details

The GOASTT is two people, Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl. It is, in itself, a chimera; a fabulous creature made with parts of two distinctly different creatures. It is also an acronym, as you might guess from its being capitalized like that. By virtue of being a friend to, and fan of, both the zygotes in this organism, I know what its letters stand for, but it's not mine to reveal. I expect they will do so at some future point.
Sean Lennon is a man of many hats. Like an alien who fell to earth and had to quickly assimilate humanity, he is a vast rolodex of accents, facts, farce, a myriad of motor skills (from archery to sketching) and can play any musical instrument (as if all undertakings are merely transposable keys to a song he knows by heart). Hyper-aware, there's almost nothing he isn't good at... She is such a free-running spring of cool creativity, that it didn't surprise me much when, shortly after she paired off with Sean and began to experience the musical ecosystem that is his unique mind, she revealed herself to have an utterly original sense of melody and lyrical realization as well. Her lines are like Borges short stories. I might have known.

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