Somehow this 8-song collection of warm and happy psych-pop from Halifax’s own The Everywheres slipped through the Sly Vinyl cracks when it was released last year. Lots of nice hazy, shimmery textures on this release. Take a listen below, and before you drift off into dreamy bliss, pick up this splatter vinyl while it’s still available!

The Details

The self-titled debut from songwriter Samuel Hill’s project, The Everywheres, summons scrappy yet masterful psych-pop. Glowing garlands take shape from a cocktail of Davies odes, Brian Jonestown candidness and nomadic adventures. Swirling guitar wanes smooth to build a delicate, jewel-toned backbone from which peyote induced tambourines and blissed-out harmonies stem. Hill started making music as The Everywheres in the summer of 2012. The notorious drifter found himself back in his native Halifax, Nova Scotia, more specifically in the basement of his childhood home. It was there (along with time spent along the ocean shores in LaHave) that Hill was inspired to recount his journeys thru the power of song. He shacked up with his Tascam 4-track and every instrument he could get his hands on, laying down what would become The Everywheres’ debut.

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