My deepest apologies that this one slipped under Sly’s radar.  The Entrance Band have all the qualifications for a great rock n roll band: 1) Chastised by Pitchfork 2) The Queen of the Bass, Ms. Paz ‘Enchantin’ Lenchantin is on the roster 3) Mentioned in The Stooges’ induction speech to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and 4) they wrote a song called ‘Grim Reaper Blues’.  I mean, cmon…

Somehow, I didn’t realize that their newest album Face the Sun, which came out in November 2013, had a limited release.  Well, it DO.  For the unheard ears, The Entrance Band throw all the roots of rock n roll into a cement mixer.  A pinch of Mississippi Delta, a dash of backwoods folklore, a touch of acid psych, some Robert Plantian swoons, a little crimson, some clover… That cement is then poured into the little area you’ve dug around your front door and voila…you’ve got a front porch.  F-ing rock n roll.

The Details

There are several ways to pre-order. Dig...

The Music
- Limited-edition deep purple/gold splatter vinyl: $17

- Black vinyl: $16

- CD: $12

* "Spider" poster shown to the right by my feet >>>>
(same image appears on the "Spider" tee)

The Music and Exclusive "Spider" Poster

- Limited-edition deep purple/gold splatter vinyl with exclusive Entrance Band "Spider" poster: $22

- Black vinyl with exclusive Entrance Band poster: $21

- CD with exclusive Entrance Band poster: $17

Or the big ol' Sun Facer bundle...
- Limited-edition deep purple/gold splatter vinyl with exclusive Entrance Band "Spider" poster and exclusive Entrance Band "Spider" t-shirt: $40
(price includes extra shipping cost for shirts, CD version available too)

Or, best bet, get Face The Sun on splatter-vinyl for free with a 2014 BBiB Jamscription!

**vinyl comes with download card

Price $18

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