If your opening track is 8:35 long and you just can’t seem to shave off any more fat for the radio edit, you’re probably in a psych band.  I suppose you could also be a late 90s jungle trance electronic duo, but fortunately, The Cult of Dom Keller are not ravers.  They’re here to psychedelicize you.  On this first track, the fuzz coming out of those guitars is powerful enough to crush your ribcage.

Stream the album below, and if you dig this, their debut album is still available.  Limited to 500 copies as well.  You can buy that HERE.

The Details

Please note this LP will not arrive with me from the pressing plant till late Feb / Early March as everything is now starting to fall behind due to the RSD blitz at the pressing plants. If you combine orders you will not recieve your order until all vinyl is ready to ship.

Drool Folks we are - A collection of Bone Shakin' tracks available on a lurid 2 colour swirl vinyl (oxblood and bottle green) with heavy card outer sleeve and insert.

everyone ordering this lp will get a download code but only thouse ordering via the Cardinal Fuzz Big Cartel will get a download code within 48hours of ordering the LP.

Price $17.68

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