RIYL: Sisters of Your Sunshined Vapor, The Myrrors, Magic Shoppe

Label: Little Cloud Records (U.S.) // Cardinal Fuzz (U.K.)

This year, Old Saint Nick is going to deliver every last present in record speed. Stopping time is way too complicated and too many people died in the time crisis of 1974, so Santa’s stampeding across the world in one night come Christmas Eve 2019. How, you ask? Drugs, of course. Blitzen scored some military grade eightballs from a Colombian custodian this past Thanksgiving and there’s enough for every elf, reindeer and partridge within 20 miles of the North Pole.

The White Mistress can only do so much, though. When you’re starting to hit that wall of fatigue and your brain’s turned into a slurpee, you need the right music to usher you into that second and third wind. That’s where The Cult of Dom Keller’s new record Ascend! comes in, nine tracks of blissful aural gum drops and sugar plums stuffed with transcendental drone, acid freak outs, white-knuckled grooves and much more. No chimney, plate of cookies, or glasses of milk are safe. And if Little Susie left any Zebra Cakes in the pantry, those are gone too. But the toys will get delivered, whether they’re under the tree or under dad’s bed next to his dusty box of VHS tapes no one speaks of. Sure, you can thank Santa, but I think The Cult deserves more recognition. They saved Christmas.

Grab the rarist orange vinyl variant, limited to only 175 copies, for $22 after the ‘buy’ link or get the $20 option on mixed colored vinyl limited to 425. That mixed version can also be purchased from Cardinal Fuzz in the UK right HERE. Listen to Hello Hanging Rope below and then call into Magic 95.5 and request that they add it to this year’s Christmas music playlist.

The Details

Number of Tracks: 9
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: 175 Orange/ 425 Mixed Colour
Jacket: Reverse Board

Additional Images

Price $20

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