RIYL: peyote-fueled desert hikes

Label: Sky Lantern / Cardinal Fuzz

Glasgow 4-piece drone psych druids known as The Cosmic Dead have been churning out full-lengths and live albums at a blistering rate since their genesis in 2011.  Their self-titled debut is widely considered a classic in the neo-psych community, and in the six years since, they’ve produced a whopping 10 magma-hot transcendental adventures for your out-of-body listening pleasure.

Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records are celebrating The Cosmic Dead’s sophomore release, The Exalted King, with a much-needed reissue.  All four of the tracks clock in at over 17 minutes a piece, so make sure you’ve got enough food and water for your journey before you lay the needle down.  Call it psych music, call it a meditation, call it a seance…The Cosmic Dead are here to lead you through the muck and the mire today.  Grab hold.

The Details

Beautiful double LP reissue in gatefold sleeve courtesy on Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records.
Be sure to select which of the three color variants you would like when ordering - it's listed right above where you enter how much you are paying!
Eco color variants are made using recycled color vinyl!

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Price $28

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