UPDATE: The KVB announced that there are “less than 250” available.     Cargo just annonced that they have a few last copies left of this limited split 7″ from their Australian 2013 tour!  This is in extremely high demand, and it’s impossible to find anywhere else at a decent price!   Behave, and no flipping please!

Oh, and be reeeal quick about it…


The Details

Last copies available!
Only available from Cargo Records mailorder.

This split single is release to announce the Australian tour for the Brian Jonestown Massacre & the KVB who are supporting the Brian Jonestown Massacre.
The track from the Brian Jonestown Massacre is days,weeks, & moths which will be a track from their forthcoming new album 'Revelation' in 2014 .
The track from the KVB is Again & Again from their album 'Minus One'.

Side A:
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - days, weeks & moths

Side B:
The KVB - Again & Again

Price $15

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