RIYL: BJM, Al Lover,

Label: Höga Nord Records

Swedish independent label Höga Nord Records opened pre-orders for a new 7″ by The Brian Jonestown Massacre a couple of days ago!

The A-side is a dubby little groover built around a hypnotic, deep laidback beat with a deadly cowbell, layers of treated guitars and effects drenched in reverb and fuzz. If this piece won’t get the floor on fire, the party is definitely dead.. The track is supposedly recorded around the “My Bloody Underground”-sessions , and showcases the production-skills of Anton Newcombe in a most brilliant way! The B-side contains an Al Lover Remix of the track, which pulls the tune into a darker, more synthesized soundscape. Check out the awesome tracks and videos underneath

499 copies only, the label presses: NO RE-PRESS, NO SLEEP!

BJM Höga

The Details

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - La Façon Dont La Machine Vers L'Arrière (7")

1.) La Façon Dont La Machine Vers L'Arrière

2.) La Façon Dont La Machine Vers L'Arrière (Al Lover Remix)

499 copys on black vinyl.

Pre-orders taken. The record will be shipped the 26th of february.

Price $8.8

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