RIYL: Grand Rapids / The Brian Jonestown Massacre / Dead Rabbits / Ride / The Jesus and Mary Chain / Dead Vibrations /

Label: Oak Island Records

The Black Heart Death Cult! Yup, you got that right.

Damn, this is some fiiiine wall-of-noise psych/indie-rock with mellow melodies and soulful arrangements. Cruising the groovy, laidback vibes of neo-psychedelic bands like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and dipping it in the aesthetics of 90’s british indie/shoegaze-bands on the more full-on end of the scale (Ride, Swervedriver, Jesus & Mary Chain) this band instantly blew my mind! These are some bloody great songs, and the guitars and backline packs a mean, groovy punch.

After the demise of his former project Grand Rapids, main-man Sasha L Smith and his crew has spent a few years fine-tuning the sounds of The Black Heart Death Cult already, and man have they tapped into something quite powerful!  The album is produced by Brian Jonestown’s own Ricky Maymi, which fits the bill just perfect.

Linked underneath is their Black Rainbow EP, of which the title-track, “Rainbow Machine” and “She’s A Believer” are confirmed for the album. “SuperDomo” and “Heroin”  are EP-only, but they all sure as hell sound freakin incredible.. If this album don’t appear on my top 10 of 2019 list, I’ll eat my leather jacket!

Released by Oak Island Records and distributed by Kozmic Artifactz in Germany, EU, you’ll have to ready an extra shipping fee to get it stateside, but I wouldn’t fence this one for long..  The 100 Transparent are exclusive to the Kozmik mailorder, but I suppose a few of the 200 Clear ones should at least hit Melbourne if you’re down under.


The Details

Limted to 300 copies total pressing. 200 on clear vinyl. Kozmik Mailorder edition 100 transparent green!

Melbourne psychedelic drone rock sextet "The Black Heart Death Cult" are super fuzzed about releasing their self-titled debut LP on German psych label Oak Island Records. It has been a labour of love, recorded over a sprawling 2 years with production from Ricky Maymi of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Welcome to the sonic bazaar! "The Black Heart Death Cult" debut LP is a beautifully constructed piece of gloomy verb-soaked psych rock that shifts seamlessly between tracks & styles and a real 60's sensibility of melody underpins it all to reveal some deft song writing, skilful musicianship & quality production. Droney psych mantras, sonic opiates & space-glazed kaleido fuzz jams for the all too new dark age. Generous application of the volume dial is recommended.

The album is a brooding, gloomy beast that never sits still as it trips effortlessly from the one chord sitar-sling of "Setting Sun" to flute filled space rock of "She's a Believer" then the wall-of-verb gloomgaze of "Black Rainbow" to the psy-folk interlude of "The Magic Lamp before bringing the jams with "Aloha from Hell" & that's just the A side.

The B side is heavier & jammier with the spaced out instrumental "Rainbow Machine", speaker smashing bass fuzzed "Davidian Dream Beam", the fantastical flute-filled "Seven Gods" before completely exploding into deep space with the closer "We Love You".

"The Black Heart Death Cult" hope you enjoy the ride!

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