The stunning debut-album “Sun Structures” by UK’s premier psych-band Temples gets a re-work by Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve (BTWS)! You might already have stumbled upon BTWS through their quality re-works of Midlake, Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp and a whole lot of other bands/artists.

BTWS consists of Errol Alkan and Richard Norris, and they press that their interpretations of Temples are re-works (or re-animations), rather than remixes. After listening to their version of “Move With The Season” I can absolutely relate to this, as they have used mainly original recordings, added some guitar and synth and simply re-imagined how it could sound. The result is simply jawdropping beautiful, it really brings a new debth to the original version!  This album consists mainly of the tracks “Shelter Songs”, “A Question Isn’t Answered”, “Golden Throne”, “Sand Dance” and “Move With The Season”, but within this 42 minutes-trip you’ll find elements of other tracks from the original album cleverly intertwined.

Rough Trade Records has managed to get the exclusive rights for the Vinyl Edition via Heavenly Recordings, pressed in 800 copies on Black Vinyl with a lenticular sleeve.

These will be available post-launch (10th of November) in Rough Trade stores in UK and NYC, but I for one won’t take any chances.. This is some premium quality material, don’t miss out!


The Details

Sun Restructured
Limited edition of 800 Copies. Rough Trade Exclusive on Vinyl and with a posh lenticular sleeve. 'Sun Restructured' is a 're-animation' of Temples' much-acclaimed debut album, 'Sun Structures', by Beyond the Wizards Sleeve (Erol Alkan and Richard Norris) which is released on Heavenly Recordings. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve have created an epic 42-minute re-working of 'Sun Structures', using five re-interpreted tracks (Sand Dance, Shelter Song, A Question Isn't Answered, Golden Throne and Move With The Season) from the original album to form the spine of the record. Describing the record, Erol Alkan said: "Being asked to re-animate a whole album's worth of material is an honour. We (in return) wanted to create something special. A record which could be listened to in one go, from start to finish, a listening experience that is becoming increasingly rare. So as well as a host of full Beyond The Wizards Sleeve re-animations here, there are interludes, ambience, ebb and flow...each section flowing into a bigger piece. We tried many things along the way: spoken word sections, days out collecting field recordings, yet ended up letting the original songs and their beautiful arrangements and melodies guide us. There is so much happening under the surface of Sun Structures, and deep within each track, it was a pleasure to dive in and see what we could find. it inspired us to pick up our guitars, plug in our synthesisers and add some wizardry on top. Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip."

Price $32

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