It brings me great pleasure to able to write about the first official ever vinyl record release of Guruguru Brain! For those who may not know yet, Guruguru Brain is a primarily a psychedelic & experimental record label based in Tokyo, Japan. According to their mission statement their intentions are to help put out music by Asian musicians who otherwise might not have a chance at having their music released in physical format. Based in Tokyo, Japan the Guruguru Brain is run by members of Kikagaku Moyo (Geometic Patterns.) This is only the 3rd release from the label and it’s a doozy, the first being a comp and the 2nd being cassette exclusive release.

Sundays & Cybele are based in Tokyo, Japan. Their music is gently doused in sea foam reverb, orange haze overdrive and clouds of wah. Gypsy House has a solid blues vibe throughout the whole album with the splash of sitar. Combined, each song averages nearly 7 minutes which more than makes up for the fact that there are only 6 songs on this record. This is a fantastic acid rock record with krauty notes and a plethora of traditional effects. Cheers to Guruguru Brain on their first vinyl record release and best wishes many more to come!

The Details

SUNDAYS & CYBELE (Cybele no Nichiyobi) , four piece psychedelic band formed in Hokkaido, Japan in 2004. Their name is taken from the notorious French movie. Tsubouchi is the main guy who writes all the music derived from 60's/70's Japanese psych rock. Listen to this music and feel the beauty of SUNDAY & CYBELE!!


Mint green/White
Limited to 150 copies

***Album Description***
“Gypsy House” is their first official full length album.
This album consists of 6 songs which was remastered and chosen from their album "Gypsy House (2012)" by Tsubouchi.
For fans of Les Rallizes Dénudés, Acid Mothers Temple, or Kikagaku Moyo.
250 Limited Edition LP (100 black standard vinyl)

Price $19

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