Sunbeam Sound Machine’s “Wonderer” is the stuff Egyptian God’s dreams are made of. Nick Sowersby, the man behind the mask of Sunbeam Sound Machine, offers pure landscapes of melting mandalas and coral sky scenery. “Wonderer” is a misty psychedelic record with pop sensibility and just the right amount of lo-fi to keep it warm & intimate sounding. I was reminded of a much more sun-drenched Moby meets Incredible Moses Leroy meets dare I compare the dazzle of “Pet Sounds.” I’m not comparing Sowersby to Moby vocally, but more or less from a production standpoint with the implementation of that spellbinding repetitive technique. There’s also a very slight lure of playfulness reminiscent to the spirit Incredible Moses Leroy’s “Fuzzy” brought out into the underground pop/indie music in 2001. Then there was my juxtaposition of saying “Wonderer” had that mmmph factor similar to that first time I laid ears on “Pet Sounds” not necessarily from a sound check perspective but from an overall feel stand point, which kind of left me in a calm awe when I first streamed the entire album. There are some psych-Monstars involved with the release of this album that include Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) for mixing and acclaimed Australian Producer Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee) so it’s easy to blend the sounds into the lump of all that is the psychedelic rebirth of the 2010s. 

I could go on and tell you about the wet reverb intro into the booming good ju-ju vibes of “Wandering, I” or I could go on telling you about my favorite track, “Daibutsu” and its reggaeish bass line walled in by overdriven slight tape echo gleaming left to right panned guitar sorcery or I could go on telling you about the flutter of a symphony that drops in “Real Life” or you could conclude on of the the longest sentences you may have ever read and go check the whole album out in its entirety Through Sunbeam Sound Machine’s Bandcamp page way down below.

I scratched my head thinking how could this album not be offered on colored vinyl, for a psych record. Then I dug deep and stepped into the past me who was always tapped into my third eye with the aid of doja. The answer I got from my past self was that this didn’t have to be on colored vinyl. The color was all spread out across the album in the music man. *Holds Double Handed Peace Signs*

Keep tabs on Sowerby’s Sunbeam Sound Machine, something tells me his ambitions are parallel with his genius.

On behalf of SlyVinyl & our readers special thanks to Nick for coming through with the pressing info, keep trippin’.
Check out the triptastic video below by Tobias Willis.
Album Art by Jason Galea

*Please note Australia is known for the highest postal international rates world wide, not just with records but with everything, even a box of chocolates, put yourselves in the shoes of an international record collector when they have to purchase from the U.S.! I too wish every record label that doesn’t exist in the U.S. already could somehow move it’s land and collide it into the Gulf and magically become a U.S. territory where we could all enjoy 3.50 Media Mail domestic rates but the new world order has yet to make that a realitiy! 😛

The Details

Press Release Nov, 21, 2014

Sunbeam Sound Machine releases debut LP ‘Wonderer’ today via Dot Dash / Remote Control. Sunbeam Sound Machine is the brainchild of talented Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Nick Sowersby who writes and records in the sanctity of his garage in Collingwood, Australia.

The album is FBi Radio’s Album Of The Week next week & was featured on The Music as their Album of The Week

The album was written, recorded and produced by Nick in his Collingwood home. He has enlisted the incredible musical brain of Stu Mackenzie (King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard) to mix the record and talented Melbourne based producer, Andrei Eremin (Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, Banoffee) to master the album.

1. Life On Earth 03:13
2. Wandering, I 02:59
3. Real Life 02:57 video
4. In Your Arms 04:39
5. Goodbye Vrations 01:15
6. Fever Dream 05:02
7. Daibutsu 02:24
8. Zeds 01:51
9. Infinity + 1 03:19
10. Somehow 02:37
11. A Brief Attempt At Explaining The Sky 01:39

12. Autumnal 03:17

13. Sailing Away 05:28

Price $19.5

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