Usually, if you’ve noticed, I try to keep it to one article a day Monday-Friday, but I’ve got something extra today. One may be wondering how MGMT is linked to Spacemen 3 and more likely, you might be wondering who Spectrum even is! Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom) is the link between all three of these projects. Pete Kember performs as Spectrum (and has released material on FĂĽxa’s Mind Expansion label), he is 1/3rd of Spacemen 3 (another 1/3rd you probably know of Jason Pierce who is Spiritualized), and he produced MGMT’s Congratulations. You might want to jump on this fast if you want one. Alex Hudson over at Exclaim! gives a great breakdown about the content within this peculiar looking 7″. Pete Kember designed the octogonal sleeve pictured above. There are no tracks available for listening as far as I know, so if I’m wrong please let me know within the comments below. This is in the pre-order stage right now, and will be released on May 13th. Cheers!

The Details

(via Exclaim!)

Now that MGMT fans have had time to digest the band's Record Store Day cassingle, the psychedelic pop band are preparing to roll out another mini-release in the form of a three-way split single with Spacemen 3 and Spectrum. The 7-inch will arrive on May 13 in the UK and Europe via the Great Pop Supplement.

The new MGMT tune is called "Something to Do with Prince," and it appears on the B-side. A product description calls it "a 'backwards-sounding synth track."

The A-side, meanwhile, features a Spectrum song called "Bo's Web," which is an outtake from the sessions for 1992's Soul Kiss (Glide Divine). There's also a stripped-down instrumental demo of the Spacemen 3 track "Why Couldn't I See?" from 1991's Recurring.

The whole thing comes packaged in a brightly coloured octagonal sleeve designed by Peter Kember (aka Sonic Boom). Kember's influence is all over this thing, since he performs as Spectrum and was a core member of Spacemen 3, in addition to having produced MGMT's 2010 album Congratulations.

The 7-inch will be pressed on green vinyl and be limited to 1,000 copies. You can pre-order a copy here at Rough Trade.

There's no word as to whether "Something to Do with Prince" will appear on MGMT's upcoming album, the details of which are still up in the air.

Split 7-inch:

A1. Spectrum - "Bo's Web"
A2. Spacemen 3 - "Why Couldn't I See?"
B1. MGMT - "Something to Do with Prince"

Price $10.88

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