Luis Vasquez founded the post-punk onslaught known as The Soft Moon in 2009, and while the immense sound coming out of your speakers sounds like an army of Trent Reznors torturing their vintage Casios, it is in fact a solo project.  Vasquez mames his equipment all by his lonesome, and his third album Deeper is being described as his most ambitious project to date.

Fans of NIN, The Killing Joke, 1919 and all of your favorite heavy electro acts from decades past will find solace in The Soft Moon’s crippling crunch, and fans of psychedelic studio trickery will take to Vasquez’s heavy experimentation.  There are sounds on his tracks that sound beautifully lethal, and hey…you can dance to it too.  BONUS.

Along with the full-length, you’ll be getting a 7″ with the track Never which won’t be available anywhere but here.  Grab your boogie board and ride the darkwave.

The Details

The Soft Moon presents Deeper, their third and most ambitious album to date. This Special Edition version includes a one-sided 7″ with the song, “Never,” unavailable digitally or physically anywhere else.
The Release Date is March 31st, 2015

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Price $25

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