RIYL: the weirder side of garage psych

Label: Swish Swash Records

Sir Greggo is an experimental psych prog unit from Rennes, France with a self-titled debut record coming out in February. Nine tracks deep, this record is damn near impossible to pigeonhole, bouncing from different styles and utilizing often-overlooked instrumentation and mathy chord progressions. Certainly one of the most interesting psych bands I’ve heard in quite a while, I’m eager to hear the rest of this record and satisfy my bloodthirst for the fringier caverns of the psychedelic landscape.

Bleeding Lust is the standout track thus far, a jagged asymmetrical jam that teeters back and forth between a cool, sauntering bass-led groove and a balls-out punk-fueled rager. Flute solos bounce off muddy geetar riffs, unhinged vocals and slamming jazz-infused rhythms for over 4 minutes and I assure that you won’t be bored for a second of it. Dream Blow is weirder and proggier than Bleeding Lust, but their strengths are all still here in spades…crunchy riffage, trippy flutes and rapidly-changing time signatures. Build the Wall is easily the nuttiest track of all here and I’m still unsure what the hell it is. It’s f-ing out there, y’all. In the best way. Listen to all three available tracks below.

Swish Swash Records only has 100 copies of the record on red wax and 200 copies on black. Grab one after the ‘buy’ link and keep in mind that these will be shipping from the UK. Also check out a music video and a live session below.


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Red Vinyl /100
Black Vinyl /200

Swish Swash Records

Shipping out on or around February 2, 2022

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Price $18

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