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Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Some of you have eaten already, some of you haven’t. Some of you don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving, and you just wish everything would be open today because it’s inconvenient. Thanksgiving is often scorned in favor of Christmas. It seems as if the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year… I mean, Silver Apples’ self-titled cover makes you think of silver bells. Silver Apples is like the Vincent D’Onofrio of music – you might not know them (you should if you found yourself here), but they influence artists and groups you do know. The fact that bands like this existed fifty years ago is mindboggling. They’re part of the reason the word “anachronistic” lives onward. Silver Apples doesn’t necessarily sound like a 60s album – it sounds more fit with the krautrock era that bloomed in the 70s, and if you want to push the envelope the early 80s. Another mindboggling thing to consider is that synthesizers were FAR more primitive back then than now. They were in an age where they often had to be MacGyver’d. This just goes to show you that you can make magic if you’re resourceful enough. Treat yourself and listen to a full stream of Silver Apples below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Formed in 1967 as a psychedelic electronic duo featuring Dan Taylor on drums and Simeon on a homemade synthesizer consisting of 12 oscillators (and an assortment of sound filters, telegraph keys, radio parts, lab gear and a variety of second hand electronic junk), Silver Apples quickly gained a reputation as New York’s leading underground musical expression.

Their pulsating rhythmic beats with the use of electronics laid the groundwork for what would become“Krautrock” Silver Apples was released in 1968 and still remains an innovative and revolutionary album. Their highly influential sound has influenced countless bands from Stereolab, Beastie Boys, Blur and more.

”Silver Apples... a beautiful and mysterious artifact.” - New York Times

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