You can now get your hands on an extremely limited run of Sandy’s newest EP, Prom, over at Super Fan 99 Records. Each record is hand stamped and numbered to 15 that have been imported from the U.S. Their reverb-drenched guitar delivers a melancholic sound that perfectly captures that time of year when the first leaves begin to fall, and the end of summer is in sight.

If you don’t want to pay for the U.K. shipping, there is also a U.S version available for 15$ limited to 300 HERE.


The Details

Super Fan hand stamped and numbered edition of just 15 that we have imported from the US. Prom is the latest from Alexi Glickman's San Francisco band 'Sandy's' Sandy’s seem to encapsulate everything that is Super Fan with their analogue and reverb heavy laid back 70’s sound. Dreamy melodies float over Peter Greenesque guitar lines and you can almost feel the waves lapping at your toes as the sun sets. Fans of Father John Misty, Real Estate, Fleet Foxes and Big Star will be crushing on this release.

Price $20

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