RIYL: Bloomypetal | A Cosmic Gift

Label: Self-Released

Limited Edition of 86 Transparent Orange Vinyl LPs

Does Richard Houghten even sleep? Or does he just spend every waking hour jumping back and forth from a guitar to a lathe? Tomorrow at 11am PST the Buy link below goes live (SOLD OUT). Don’t sleep on this one! Richard’s releases are always a must and this one is in short supply!

I wrote and recorded all of these songs over the past six years. During that time I lived in New Mexico, San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, and now Los Angeles.
This album is a collection of memories that brings me back to all those places.

Most of the songs were recorded with one microphone, sitting on the floor playing guitar. In a way they are like diary entries, and over time there were more and more of them. I recently sorted through all these songs and put together a traveling story.

I didn’t do much processing to the tracks. I wanted to keep everything simple and raw. I mixed and mastered them myself, and for the album cover I used a painting that I made when I was 17. I cut the album spontaneously while working on a Neumann lathe. There are 86 pressed records of Along the Coast.

I hope you enjoy the music, and thanks for listening.

Richard Houghten

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