RIYL: a pig in a cage on antibiotics

Label: Radiohead

Everyone knows the story.  A young boy named Thom is born with a crooked back and requires leg braces to walk.  He miraculously breaks free of his braces, becomes a star football player, volunteers to fight in Vietnam and meets Jonny Greenwood, competes in and dominates worldwide ping pong championships upon his return from war, starts a shrimp company, becomes a billionaire after investing in Apple, marries a woman with AIDS and then writes one of the last modern rock classic albums OK Computer before pulling a complete 180 on his fans and ditching the rock and roll for the cold pulsating electronica of Kid A.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary, so Radiohead are pulling out all the stops to celebrate.  These blue vinyl copies, despite the large pressing, will be gone quickly.  Don’t dilly dally and smash that ‘buy’ button, dingus.  And if box sets are more your speed, Radiohead have a whopper that you can preorder HERE.  It features 3 unreleased tracks, b-sides, a cassette and all kinds of sexy trimmings.

The Details

from Bullmoose:

Purchase limited to one of each variant per customer, account, or address. Let's make sure everyone can get one copy at a fair price before anybody gets two.
People ordering two copies probably will end up at the end of the line.

Price $39.97

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