RMFTM songs don’t really have beginnings and endings.  They just are.  They’re all in as soon as the first ferocious riff is played, and they expect the same from their listeners.  Spacey psychedelic noisegaze is their language of choice, and very similar to 2012’s Echo Forever, the music acts as a long cerebral journey.  A casual listen it is not.  Blitzkrieg drum assaults, walls of gorgeous melodies and noise colliding in unison, sitars…it’s a f-ing experience, my friends.  Despite this album being released in 2014 and long sold out, the esteemed Fuzz Club has made another ‘Deluxe Edition’ to appease the masses, so be swift, be agile, and for God’s sake, don’t sleep and miss it yet again.

The cover is silkscreen, embossed, stamped, numbered and kissed by one of the best psychedelic labels in the world.  That price tag is well worth the immersive experience that Fuzz Club pushes you through, so bon voyage, vinyl addicts.  This one should cure your junkie itch…for now.

The Details

Continuing their trip far away into the unknown boundaries of space and time, Radar Men From The Moon with "Strange Wave Galore" will blow your mind.

Strange Wave Galore Deluxe is limited to 100 copies. It comes with 23 stickers, so you can design your own cover. The vinyl is 180g transparent green vinyl. The album art is silkscreened and the cover is embossed stamped and numbered.

Release date September 26th.

Price $39.22

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